UsingChef Issue 20

More approaches this week on containers and configuration management. There’s a lot of new possibilities and new ways to think about how you deploy.


Security Vulnerability Releases of Chef Server
Time to upgrade your Chef Servers.
via Chef @Chef

Chef-LXC - Building and deploying custom containers
Interesting slides on using Ruby-LXC bindings and Chef to build and deploy your solutions.
via Rajib Dey @RanjibDey

Immutable Infrastructure: Practical or Not?
Good write-up on containers, immutable infrastructure, and where Chef and configuration management comes into play.
via Julian Dunn @julian_dunn

From Solo to Zero: Migrating to Chef Client Local Mode
If you are still using chef-solo, it’s time to take a look at chef-zero.
via Julian Dunn @julian_dunn

Ooyala - Keeping Secrets with Chef
Detailed write up of how Ooyala uses Chef-Vault and their fork of it that adds a few features.
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Tweet of the week

@roidrage : “Reminder that Ruby 1.8.7 is officially unsupported in any way by the end of the month: Security updates? Nope.”